Monday, 15 February 2010

Poor Cheryl Cole

Poor Cheryl Cole ! First it was nude photos of hubby Ashley found on the mobile of a topless model. No doubt Ashley tried to explain all that away to Cheryl as just some one-off mistake. Now it has been revealed that Ashley is a repeater sex text pest with the revelation that around 300 X-rated messages together with raunchy photos of him are to be found on yet another blondes mobile phone.

Just what is this man playing at? We can ony assume that were there has been two of these raunchy episodes that there is a good chance that there are others that we don't yet know about.

Cheryl - it's all very well standing by your man and all that but enough is enough - you man is a rat - a texting raunchy photo rat and the sooner you are free of him the better. You are worth so much more than this Cheryl.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Don't bother hunting for the G spot - it aint there!

The G spot, the alleged focus of female sexual pleasure has a unique place in the pantheon of human erogenous zones. As a species it appears that we are endowed with more than the typical number of erogenous zones compared to most animals. Not only that but women have a magical G spot which provides the secret to their real sexual pleasure

If you've ever seen the pleasure that gets your dog rolling his eyes when you tickle his belly you will be aware that other animals do indeed have pleasure zones. But there seem to be few other animals, apart from bonobo chimpanzees of course , that make such a big thing of sexual pleasure. We do seem fairly obsessed with sex as a subject as a species.

The rise of feminism in the twentieth century was accompanied not only by the justifiable demand that women had the same rights to sexual fulfillment as men but also by a search for the secrets to female sexual pleasure.

High on the list of finds was the revelation that women had a "G-spot" - a particularly erongenous zone which was the key to female pleasure.

The trouble is it proved difficult to find.  I know this from personal experience.  I have searched high an low for mine.  I searched the places where peple told me that I would find it but it clearly wasn't there. I searched nearby but still couldn't find it. I even got my boyfriends to search for it - regularly and often. But still no G spot.

So the news that scientists have found that the G spot doesn't actually exist comes as no great surprise to me. In fact it comes as quite a comfort. No longer do I need to feel that I am the only women in the world who doesn't have one. Now I just have to hope that my boyfriend doesnt hear that there isnt one. That way I can keep him hunting for it.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

James Blunt Beatles Compilation take top

In the United States the Beatles Compilation album has been confirmed as the biggest selling album of the decade. According to Billboard boy band N'Sync's No Strings Attached album was the second biggest seller, followed by Norah Jones's Come Away With Me.

In the UK It looks like James Blunt will be having an extra special New Year celebration as it is revealed that his Back to Bedlam Album is confirmed as the biggest selling UK album of the noughties decade. He pipped Dido and her Album No Angel into second place.

Though UK artists are at the top of both the US and UK charts for biggest selling albums of the decade. But were are the new UK acts breaking into the US market? Well we have SuBo god bless her and Leona. I wonder of either of them will be contenders for biggest selling US album of the next decade?

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Prince William a bit of rough

I do like Prince William. He has a real Princely name and a mother who was a super celebrity fairytale Princess and he's handsome as well. Now he's shown his rough but sensitive side by sleeping rough to publicise the plight of homeless rough sleeping people in London UK.

I'm sure of course that he still had his minders and bodyguards round him when he slept rough and my guess is that they probably weren't terribly happy about the whole thing. But a Prince is the boss so they would have just had to do what they were told.

It's nice that Prince William has a caring side just like his famous mother Princess Diana did.
He's turning into a real Prince Charming is William.

Sherlock Holmes Was Gay says R Downey Jr

I doubt if early Sherlock Holmes films would have been so popular if Robert Downey Junior is right in claiming that he was gay and he had suggested this in the 1930's. These days when being gay is accepted by most reasonable people the fact that a Rugby player in the UK recently came out and acknowledged that he is gay hardly seemed to raise an eyebrow.

There will be a few raised eyebrows from traditionalists though at the suggestion that one of the greatest literary detectives was gay. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if there will be some who will be quite shocked by this suggestion.

The possibility that Sherlock Holmes was gay certainly raises a few questions about his relationship with his sidekick Dr Watson. Come to think of it I don't recall any real romantic liaisons with women in any of the stories or films apart from a bit of flirtation. Maybe that was just a smokescreen though because Holmes wasn't prepared to out himself.

At this rate they'll be telling us that Julius Ceasar and Ghenghis Khan were gay.. now come to think of it....

Monday, 7 December 2009

I'm a Celebrity rats

What do you think about the fuss about celebrities catching and eating a rat on "I'm a celebrity - get me outta here!" It seems that animals rights folk are up in arms about the whole thing. I've got to be honest with you - most of the things those celebrities get asked to eat on that program are ...disgusting. Bugs and creepy crawlies - Yuk!

It seems it's ok to eat crawlie slimy things - even alive - but don't you dare go catching and eating some cute furry thing. Hmmm are rats cute and furry? Well not to me but you know what I mean.

The whole point of the program is that the celebs have a tough time in the jungle - so if they had the initiative to catch and eat a rat I can't see why there should be a fuss. It's not as if rats are cute is it !!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Foxy Knoxy Found Guilty

An Italian Court has found Amanda Knox guilty of murder of her 21 yr old roommate Meredith Kircher and sentenced her to 26 yrs in jail. Knox's boyfriend Raphael Solecito was also found guilty of the murder.
The case has fascinated the Italian and world media because of Knox's character and behavious both at the time of the murders and during the trial. Her defence od course presented her as a wholesome all-american girl. But , it seems, all was not as it seemed.

The murder happened as some sort of sexual attack on the unfortumate young victim who was visciously killed with a knife. It wasnt long before Knox and Solecito emerged as the main suspects.

Knox has maintained her evidence through the trial yet I suspect there will be many people who are not at all surprised at this verdict.